Professional Services

  • Consulting for Small Mental Health Practitioners:

Professional services play a crucial role in various industries, and the field of mental health is no exception. Small mental health practitioners often require consulting services to enhance their practice and improve patient care. We provide valuable guidance on various business strategies such as the development of policies and procedures, performance improvement plans, internal auditing, and client management.

  • Supervision Services for Registered Interns MSW, MFT, MHC:

Supervision services are essential for registered interns in the fields of social work (MSW), marriage and family therapy (MFT), and mental health counseling (MHC). These services help interns develop their clinical skills, gain practical experience, and ensure that they adhere to ethical guidelines. We have a team of Qualified Supervisors who provide guidance, support, and feedback to interns as they navigate through their clinical practice before licensure.

  • Professional Development Training:

Professional development training is vital for professionals to stay updated with the latest research findings and treatment modalities. These trainings offer opportunities for practitioners to expand their knowledge base, learn new therapeutic techniques, and network with other professionals in the field.

  • Clinical Auditing:

Clinical auditing is an integral part of maintaining high-quality standards in mental health practice. As auditors, we review clinical records to ensure compliance with legal requirements and ethical guidelines. Through the assessment of documentation practices, treatment plans, and progress notes, we can offer recommendations for improvement to ensure the overall quality of care provided by practitioners.